kWa  MEMS CONSULTING, DESIGN AND ENGINEERING provides MEMS design and development services from concept to prototyping and volume manufacturing. We can also assist you with the productization of your MEMS devices.
kWa MEMS is specialized in:
  • Design for Manufacturing of high-performance MEMS pressure die, accelerometers, and other devices that meet the most challenging requirements
  • Design of MEMS packages for pressure sensors and accelerometers
  • FEA of MEMS devices using CoventorWare®
  • 3D MEMS packaging model generation, drawing creation and simulation using SOLIDWORKS® and SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • MEMS layout generation and MEMS process flow design
  • MEMS test set-up design, test plan generation, and product qualification
  • Test data analysis and interpretation
  • Project duration and cost estimation
  • Project management
  • IP generation, filing preparation and due diligence

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