Sensor Designs
with high sensitivity, extreme shock, high bandwidth or other specific hard-to-meet requirements



Pacemaker accelerometer

Peacemaker accelerometer

World's first surface-mount WLCSP accelerometer (2004). From: Tom Kwa, "Wafer-Level Packaged Accelerometer With Solderable SMT Terminals", presented at IEEE SENSORS 2006, Daegu, Korea, October 22-25, 2006. (Released to market May 2007)

World's most survivable accelerometer (hundreds of thousands of g's). From: L.B. Wilner and T. Kwa, Proof Mass for Maximized, Bi-Directional and Symmetric Damping in High G-Range Acceleration Sensors, US Patent 8,191,420. (Released to market June 2010)

Pressure Sensors
with high sensitivity, extreme pressure, high temperature or other specific hard-to-meet requirements


industrial and energy

High-temperature pressure sensor

Pressure sensor used in the Tire Pressure Monitoring System on commercial aircraft. From: “High-Reliability Accelerometer and Pressure Sensor Design and Test” (invited paper), Presentation at the 4th Annual Conference on MEMS Testing and Reliability by Tom Kwa, Meggitt Sensing Systems, October 18th, 2012.

High-accuracy pressure sensor

Mask layout of a basic pressure sensor design optimized for high output stability and pressure linearity. From: "Pressure Sensor with Improved Output Stability and Pressure Linearity", T. Kwa, 1998.